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Looking to relax and unwind? A cup of tea is easy to brew by filling a tea bag with the mixture and brewing directly in your teacup. Or brew a pot of tea by placing the loose tea into the strainer of a cast iron teapot, filling it with hot water, and brewing it for a few minutes before serving. Or brew cold and add ice for a nice cool and refreshing cup. Any remaining tea can be saved to enjoy hot or iced the next day!

Looking to spice up your next cocktail? Elevate happy hour by flavoring your own booze! Fully submerge the mixture with your favorite alcohol in a mason jar and cover. Let it steep overnight or up to three weeks for a deeper flavor. Strain into a shaker or pitcher then add ice and a mixer of choice such as tonic water, club soda, or ginger beer! To sweeten, just add honey or simple syrup. Garnish to your desire and enjoy!